The Money Maven Manual is in the works! 

Do you work really hard but still struggle to feel "on top of" your money?

Do you wish you'd gotten a "financial adulting" course before entering the real world?

Do you find that the money advice you hear doesn't match your situation, or line up with what you want?

Do you find money books boring and struggle to finish them? Or, if you do finish them, struggle to actually implement what you learn? 

Then this book is for you! Nicole will walk you through your money story and help you  define your money values. Then you'll learn about budgeting, retirement, buying real estate, managing debt, managing your career, and the basics of insurance. She'll even provide tools to talk to your partner about money! 

You'll also find in this book plenty of fill-in-the-blanks and checklists to help keep you on track. Whether you read it all at once, or over the course of months or years, this is your money guidebook. 

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